COVID-19 UPDATE - 10/6/2020

Introducing Spokies Dash!

Next time you’re in downtown Oklahoma City, you may notice visitors and residents zooming by on a new set of wheels. Spokies rolled out a new dockless bicycle program earlier this summer. Twenty-five bicycles may be picked up or dropped off in the downtown, Bricktown, Deep Deuce, Film Row, Uptown, Page Woodson, Paseo Arts District, Plaza District and Wheeler District areas. Unlike Spokies’ existing fleet of classic bikes, the new bikes do not have to be checked out or returned to Spokies kiosk.

But how do these new bikes work? And where do you return them? That process is easier than you may think and the rest is like – well – riding a bike. 


Step 1:

Download the BCycle app. This is what you will use to locate a dockless bike and check it out. To locate a bike, select “map” from the menu. 

Step 2:

Once you’ve located a bike, tap on the screen between the handlebars of the bike. After a few moments, a code will appear. After you enter the code in the app, you’ll have 10 seconds to remove the U-shaped lock from the side of the bicycle. If the lock is not removed, you won’t be charged. Simply put the lock in the basket on the front of the bike – the app will provide you with a visual on how to do this. 

Step 3:

Adjust the seat accordingly. Our best advice is that beginners adjust the seat so it sits closer to the ground. More experienced riders may put the seat in a higher position for a more efficient ride. 

Step 4:

Start pedaling! The bikes have eight speeds that can be adjusted to your preference. To adjust the speed, which affects the resistance you feel while pedaling, turn the very left side of the right handlebar. The bikes come with a bell to allow riders to alert pedestrians. To sound the bell, turn the very right side of the left handlebar. If you need directions, just map a route in the app and follow directions on the screen. 

Step 5:

When you’re finished riding, secure bike to any bike rack. Make sure you return it to a bike rack within the approved riding area listed above or you’ll be charged an additional retrieval fee. The BCycle app also provides an outline of the approved area. Put the U-shaped lock back in its initial position. When you hear a click, the lock is secure and your ride time will end. 

The cost is $1 to unlock a bike, then 12 cents per minute for single-use riders or 10 cents per minute for monthly and annual BCycle members. Click here to check out additional pricing options. 

You’re now ready to explore! Please remember to use bike lanes when possible. Helmets are encouraged. Riders must be 16 or older.

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